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New South Wales Scale Model Competition

Every year the Illawarra Plastic Modellers' Association (IPMA) holds the NSW Scale Model Competition. From modest beginnings this event has grown into the largest model competition/ display in the state.

As well as a great selection of models entered in the competitions, there will be displays from IPMA and other clubs , along with modelling demonstrations.

Food and and drinks are available at the venue and there is plenty of free parking.

For further information please  contact Darren Dickerson on 0419 148335 or via E-mail

In 2015 it will be held on the weekend of the 2rd and 3rd of May.

At a new venue  the Illawarra Sports Stadium, Hooka Creek Road, Berkeley.

(Click on the Map to go to Google Maps)

Models entered in the competition will be judged by the IPMA judging team and will be competing for the usual trophies and ribbons. Competition entry fees, categories, terms and conditions are below.

Modellers not wanting to enter the competition are encouraged to display their models on the display table the expo and display their work on the display tables. There is no charge (except the normal admission charge) to do this.

For those entering models please download and fill out the competition entry form beforehand and bring along with your models on the day. Please use 1 form per model.

You can also email the entry form so we can pre-register your model prior to the event. Emailing the form implies acceptance of the terms and conditions and the normal entry fees still apply.

Emailing your entry forms  will enable us process entries more efficiently meaning you can get to the swap and sell table quicker. Either the word or PDF form may be used. 

The email address for entries is ipma.nsw@gmail.com

Public Entry is 10am to 4pm on both days.

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Swap and Sell

Along with a huge range of traders we'll be running our ever popular swap and sell table. We'd love to  sell your unwanted  kits/decals/resin/military and modelling books for you, however we do charge a small fee (10% of the sale price).

If you wish to sell anything at the show please place a sticker on each individual item with your initials (3 is better) and the price.

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 2015 NSW Scale Model Competition Terms, Definitions And Conditions


1.         All models that are being entered in the competition should be entered between 9.00am and 4.00pm Saturday and remain on display Sunday until award ceremony has ended, around 3.00pm. A $3.00 fee per model applies for up to 10 models (Max $30). All subsequent models are free.

2.         There is no limit to the number of models that competitor can enter. Models entered in previous NSW Scale Model Competitions are not eligible for entry.

3.         Modelers are also welcome to display their work free of charge on the display tables if they choose not to enter the competition.

4.         The organising committee reserves the right to refuse to display any model or visual material considered inappropriate for public display. This may include adult themes, politically sensitive, or acts of cruelty etc

5.         All entries must be owned and be the work of the competitor.

6.         Models entered do not require instructions or reference material.

7.         Cross entry of models in different categories is not permitted.

8.         MILITARY is defined as; the armed forces and auxiliary formations of any country or period.

9.         ‘OPEN’ category will include any model not covered by the other categories.

10.      ‘SCRATCHBUILT’ will include all models that are predominately made of raw materials; some kit parts can be used.

11.      If a model is mounted on a base with or without groundwork, the model only is to be judged.

12.   Figures, Vignettes (3 Figures Maximum), Dioramas will be judged on everything attached to the base including groundwork, foliage, buildings, structures, animals, figures, vehicles etc.

13.      The organising committee will provide a judging panel of experienced modelers from the IPMA. No persons will eligible to judge or influence judging of a category in which they have entered. There will be three judges per category.

14.      The judging panel’s decision will be final.

15.      Whilst all reasonable care will be taken to protect all models on show, these are displayed at the owners risk and no responsibility will be taken by the organisers

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  2015 Entry Fees

Competition Entries $3 Per Model for up to 10 models then all subsequent  models free (includes admission)
Public Admission $4 Adult
Kids (15 yrs and under) Free
$5 Family (2 Adults)

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 2015 Categories' Seniors (17 Years +)

  Category Section Scale
1 Maritime Vessels - Surface Open All Scales
2 Submarines Open All Scales

Civilian Vehicles - Street

Open All Scales
4 Civilian Vehicles - Motorsport Open All Scales
5 Trucks Open All Scales
6 Motor Cycles  Open All Scales
7 Figures Open 54mm and smaller
8 Figures Open 55mm and larger
9 Vignettes Open All Scales
10 Dioramas Open All Scales
11 Aircraft - 1900 to 1921 Small 1/72 and Smaller
12 Aircraft - 1900 to 1921 Medium 1/48
13 Aircraft - 1900 to 1921 Large 1/35 and larger
14 Aircraft - 1922 to 1945 Small 1/72
15 Aircraft - 1922 to 1945 Small 1/144
16 Aircraft - 1946 to Present - Jets Small 1/72
17 Aircraft - 1946 to Present - Jets Small 1/144
18 Aircraft - 1946 to Present - Props Small 1/72
19 Aircraft - 1922 to 1945 - Axis Medium 1/48
20 Aircraft - 1922 to 1945 - Allied Medium 1/48
21 Aircraft - 1946 to Present - Jets Medium 1/48
22 Aircraft - 1946 to Present - Props Medium 1/48
23 Aircraft - 1940 to Present - Jets Large 1/35 and larger
24 Aircraft - 1922 to Present - Props Large 1/35 and larger
25 Civilian Aircraft Open All Scales
26 Airliners Open All Scales
27 Helicopters  Open All Scales
28 Military Vehicles - 1900-1945 Small 1/72 and smaller
29 Military Vehicles - 1946 to Present Small 1/72 and smaller
30 Military Vehicles - 1900 to Present Medium 1/48
31 Military Vehicles -1900-1945 - Axis Large 1/35
32 Military Vehicles -1900-1945 - Allied Large 1/35
33 Military Vehicles - 1946 to Present Large 1/35
34 Military Vehicles - 1900 to Present Large 1/25 and larger
35 Spacecraft Open All Scales
36 Science Fiction, Movies, Fantasy Open All Scales
37 Warhammer Open All Scales


Open All Scales
39 Open (anything else) Open All Scales 
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2015 Categories' Juniors (13-16 years)

  Categories Section Scale


Open All Scales
2 Military Vehicles Open All Scales
3 Civilian Vehicles Open All Scales
4  Dioramas Open All Scales
5 Science Fiction Open All Scales
6 Figures Open All Scales
7 Maritime Vessels Open All Scales
8 Warhammer Open All Scales
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2015 Categories' Juniors (Up to 13 years)


There are no formal categories for junior entrants aged under 11 but all models are welcome

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 2014 Attending Traders



TBA Watch this space


Images Earlier Shows

Thousands more images from Earlier shows are HERE

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